How will I help you do this?

I take an acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) approach
and incorporate it with behavioral concepts and components. We will work together to discover what your values and goals are and move them in a FORWARD and FULFILLING
direction. You will gain the tools necessary for self-acceptance, self-awareness, and confidence. I will help recognize and refrain from experiential avoidance and be present, at the moment.

These tools will make for a life that has more significance, meaning, and
purpose. My pricing approach is a bit different from others. I don’t believe in “packages.” I feel from an ethical perspective, the client is in control and should decide the duration of treatment. Coaching packages take away your ability to make those decisions as you are, trapped in a contract.

Many already feel they have little control over their lives, coaching should not add to that. Full Circle is about you and helping you assert yourself confidently, If you want to meet once, Great, if you want to meet 100 times, great…it’s completely up to you. I don’t feel the need to “trap” you with a 3-month commitment if that’s not what you
want nor need.

I will work with you to become unstuck, to let go of those destructive rules you have created for yourself, and smash those barriers which have stopped you from living the life you want! I have done it and you will to. For a complimentary consultation, contact me!

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