Are you done with anxiety, depression, stress, and thoughts of not being good enough?

Are you done with anxiety, depression, stress, and thoughts of not being good enough? Is the day to day becoming too much? Are you always comparing yourself to others and thinking you just can’t compete? Do these thoughts stop you from being present and enjoying life RIGHT NOW? Maybe you are reeling from a break-up that you know was toxic, but still finding yourself wondering if you did the right thing?

Do you have goals that are important to you but feel they are simply unattainable? Are you wanting to create relationships with others but finding it difficult?

Do you want to start feeling better and find purpose and fulfilment in your life?

If the answer is yes, then let’s get started!
Thank you for taking a minute to read this, you won’t regret it! My name is Laura Sanders, I have a masters in psychology and am working towards obtaining my board certification in behavior analysis.

I have professional and PERSONAL experience with all of these and completely understand what you are feeling, I GET IT! It is my belief that a coach should not only be knowledgeable, but more importantly credible, ethical, and RELATABLE. I know from my personal experiences of explaining how I am feeling to someone, regardless of how kind, well intentioned, understanding, or sympathetic they are, if they haven’t experienced it, they really can’t feel how I am feeling.

One of my major goals as a coach and behavior specialist is to help you discover your most authentic self. So many of us present as how we want to be seen by others and we start to believe it. We are not presenting our true self…and this can be exhausting. I want to help you discover WHO YOU TRULY ARE, because that IS good enough!

How will I help you do this? I take an acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) approach and incorporate it with behavioral concepts and components. We will work together to discover what your values and goals are and move them in a FORWARD and FULFILLING direction. You will gain the tools necessary for self-acceptance, self-awareness and confidence. These tools will make for a life that has more significance, meaning, and purpose.

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