About Me

Laura has a Master’s degree in Psychology, a Relationship Coach Certificate, and is currently completing her Board Certification in Behavior Analysis. She’s a lifelong learner and welcomes a challenge. Her favorite part of being a life/relationship coach is getting to know each person and helping them along their journey to reach their goals and living a purposeful and meaningful life.

She understands each person is unique and will create an individualized plan that will incorporate components of behavior analysis and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

She is very service oriented and truly loves helping and giving. While Laura believes that nobody needs “fixing”, she understands that sometimes people get stuck and need a little prompting to get back on track.

Laura will bring her education, life experiences, and wisdom to each session to assist the client develop new beginnings, build self-confidence, and improve overall wellbeing.

Laura’s Coaching Philosophy:

Everyone has the ability to heal themselves, sometimes they may need a little reminding

Everyone possesses strengths and which can be built upon

Everyone can learn to accept aversive thoughts and feelings, rather than fight against them


As an Act Coach, Laura will:

Work with you to define your current concerns

Provide tools to keep you focused and motivated

Gently hold you accountable and celebrate each milestone with you

Guide you through times of stress, anxiety, and turmoil and always remind you that you’ve got this!



It's not anger itself that is problematic, the problem is how we react to it.

A fact of life is that humans suffer. Part of that suffering can be expressed in anger, a manifestation of complex feelings, thoughts and emotions. The way we express anger can hurt not only ourselves, but others too. I will work with you to get to the root and provide you the tools you need to learn to live with the anger, rather than fight the symptoms. Armed with this, you will go forward in a meaningful and purposeful direction. It’s time to regain the life and happiness you’re missing.

Weight Loss

I work with people who have struggled for years to lose weight. The diets, exercise, counting calories, and fasting have short term or no success. Why?  Let’s examine your relationship with food and other areas in your life which may be connected to this struggle. You’re smart and you know what you have to do to lose the weight, let me help you identify those barriers which are stopping you.   


A healthy relationship is based on healthy communication. It sounds simple enough, yet why do we struggle with this? Learning how to successfully communicate with others requires effective listening and conveying our needs in a discernible manner, this takes practice.  Everyone needs to be heard and understood. Learning effective ways to be heard will improve your personal and professional life.     

How will I help you do this?

How will I help you do this? I use acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) approach and incorporate it with behavioral  components. We will work together to discover what your values and goals are and move them in a FORWARD and FULFILLING direction. You will gain the tools necessary for self-acceptance, self-awareness, self-compassion and confidence. I will help you identify those barriers which are precluding you from the life you really want to be living. These tools will make for a life that has more significance, meaning, and purpose.

My pricing approach is a bit different from others. I don’t believe in “packages.” I feel from an ethical perspective, the client is in control and should decide the duration of treatment. Coaching packages take away your autonomy and restrict treatment flexibility.  



Thank you for helping me see my self worth and for continued guidance on a successful path of self love!


For nearly a year, Laura has been guiding me through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The skills I have ascertained have helped me overcome my 17 years of eating disorders and body image issues and recent relationship problems. I’ve also become more introspective and deeply connected with my personal values. She is insightful, caring, and has a big heart. It’s amazing how much I feel accomplished after each session with her. I highly recommend connecting with Laura. Even 30 minutes could be life changing for you!


Laura is very good at getting me to think in different and better ways; she is very up front with her methods and is not afraid to tell it like it is. She is definitely very experienced in the field of psychology, which is why I highly recommend her for any life advice.


I’ve been seeing Laura for a couple of years on relationship issues that I have been having. She has truly been able to give me the tools I need to understand and enhance my relationship with my wife to level of peace and sound mindedness. When having a therapist you have to search for the right one that works for you and Laura is perfect for me.